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Keepass on Android

To get KeePass up and running on your Android device follow the following steps 1) Install and configure DropBox on you Android Open Google Play, touch the magnifying glass icon at top right and type “dropbox” Select Dropbox, Download it,

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Keepass on Blackberry 10

To get keepass up and running on your BB10 follow the following steps: 1)  Log into do drop box on your Blackberry For keyboard Blackberrys – while on your home screen, type “drop”.  This will open the Blackberry assistant with

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SmartPhone Diaries – Launcher

I got my first experience with home screens in the early eighties when I saw my first Apple 2.  This truly was a transformative experience for me.  I was 2 years into my career at Bell Northern Research (Canada’s version

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SmartPhone Diaries – Keyboards

When I was in Grade 9 (first year of high school) in the early 70’s, I made a very good course choice for all the wrong reasons.  I liked math and sciences and I did not like languages, history, geography

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Smartphone Diaries – Introduction

I love my blackberry, and I’ve been confused over the last few years by how much bad press and hatred Blackberry seemed to get in the media. They have been and still are fantastic phones. Late last year John Chen

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I am a seasoned technology Director with more than 20 years experience in the Telecommunications Industry. During my career at Bell-Northern research and Nortel Networks, I was always at the front end of technology innovation and introduction. I was intimately involved with planning the following major network discontinuities. • Replacement of analogue switches by digital switches • The deployment of local CCS7 and Calling Line ID services • The introduction of optical transmission systems followed by SONET and Bi-directional protections switching • The convergence of Optical Networking and the Computer Industry with a key focus on Storage Networking. I hold 2 joint patents, one of which launched a new optical packet switching product and triggered competitors to respond in kind and to the establishment of a standards forum. Since leaving Nortel in 2002, I have enjoyed the most satisfying career as an eNerd at Nerds on Site. Every day I get to help people and solve their problems.

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